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NYCHA residents deserve quality housing, which requires that NYCHA be fully funded with solely public money, and that its management be tenant-lead. Vittoria is opposed to the NYCHA Preservation Trust in its current form.   Funding for NYCHA that relies on private interests will never be adequate to correct the awful conditions many residents still endure.  Addressing this issue involves not only more funding for NYCHA, but deliberate oversight of those funds - with meaningful tenant participation in management - to make sure they are spent quickly and effectively on much-needed repairs for current residents. 


Vittoria will develop and pass a suite of housing legislation that prioritizes permanent affordable housing in our district to bring middle income, low income and poor New Yorkers off the sidelines. We don’t need more luxury developments wedged into our neighborhoods only to go bankrupt or sit half-empty. 


We need to explore converting empty office buildings into residential units, taxing empty luxury apartments that artificially inflate the housing market, and using state funds to help convert bankrupt developments into truly affordable apartments


Vittoria supports a Good Cause Eviction law that reflects realities on the ground, while working to improve state investment in rental assistance. And she supports commercial rent stabilization, and a reasonable and fair tax on empty storefronts to promote the economic recovery of local small businesses. 

Vittoria will continue to fight for a 100% Affordable 5 World Trade Center, with priority for 9/11 first responders, survivors and their children so those who sacrificed so much for lower Manhattan can afford to live here. She will hold hearings, coordinate state and federal funding, and push State and City agencies forward to make this a reality.

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