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Vittoria among supporters holding signs about affordability and honesty in government.


Vittoria at rally holding signs supporting  9/11 survivor housing benefits.

Vittoria is an ardent advocate for true affordable housing, embracing bold, innovative, community-led projects and policies that provide a substantial number of affordable units in neighborhoods throughout our district. From fighting to preserve existing affordable housing to advocating for 100% affordable housing at 5 World Trade Center, Vittoria is committed to making housing in New York accessible to everyone. 

Vittoria has - like so many in our community - listened to friends and neighbors relay stories of medical debt, a phrase that has no business existing in a modern nation like ours. Vittoria will fight to pass the New York Health Act, and build a strong and reliable workforce of healthcare providers through college scholarships and youth training programs.

Vittoria in face mask getting vaccinated against COVID-19
Vittoria at rally to protest worker exploitation.

Working people keep New York City running. Vittoria has stood with many of our workers who have long been ignored by the political establishment. Vittoria has supported taxi drivers who were inflicted with crushing debt and she is fighting alongside homecare workers who are forced to work 24 hours while only being paid for 13hrs.  Vittoria will continue to advocate and support our working people.

Vittoria has stood up to corruption again and again throughout her career, squaring off with everyone from the mafia to county political bosses. Her passion for fairness and justice has driven her legal career. Vittoria will fight for transparency, accessibility and responsiveness in our government.  

A post describing Vittoria's success in changing the rules of the party to make it more democratic
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