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The recent rise in hate crimes and the increase of ghost guns in our state has been concerning. Vittoria will fight for better use of the laws we have, for effective ways to disrupt cycles of violence and for serious transformation of policing. 



Vittoria will fight for New Yorkers’ rights to be safe from gun violence. New Yorkers overwhelmingly support strong gun laws, and so does Vittoria. But laws don’t count for much if they aren actually enforced. Despite being clearly troubled, no effort was made to use our existing Red Flag law to keep an assault-style rifle out of the hands of the Buffalo murderer. We must strike the right balance between civil rights and civil safety.


Vittoria supports Moms Demand Action’s NY legislative priorities, which include requiring licensed gun dealers to take concrete steps to keep guns they sell off the illegal market and micro-stamping of any ammunition made or delivered to dealers in NY.  Recent federal regulations of ghost guns don’t go far enough. We must outlaw any building of ghost guns outside the background check system. 


Vittoria is an ardent supporter of robust localized violence interruption programs. Currently, only two violence interruption programs operate in Manhattan. Vittoria will fight to fund and expand this vital work without delay.



For too long we have burdened our police officers with the responsibility of addressing situations that more appropriately require social services or mental health providers.  Vittoria supports teaming these service providers with police departments to bring greater safety to our streets as well as to the individuals who need assistance. This also allows police officers to focus on responding to and investigating serious or violent crimes. There are a number of Alternative Dispatch Programs, such as the Crisis Response Helping Out On The Streets (CAHOOTS) in Eugene, Oregon, which have been effective while also saving the city millions of dollars per year.  We can do this here in New York.


To support a healthy, accountable police culture, Vittoria believes in requiring police to live in the neighborhoods they serve and ending qualified immunity for police officers who deprive New Yorkers of their civil rights.



Vittoria knows New York’s criminal justice system is weighted against people without power and money.  She is committed to maintaining bail reform, and protecting and enhancing formerly incarcerated individuals’ economic and social opportunities. She also supports simplifying and consolidating New York State’s court system, as proposed by the chief judge. 


Housing and healthcare are tied to homelessness and safety on our streets. We can’t ignore the challenges of crime and violence, but we must understand the bigger picture: equitable economic recovery, housing and health security are key to the stability of our district.  So Vittoria will continue to fight for jobs, affordable housing and universal access to health care for regular New Yorkers. 

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