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"I'm supporting Vittoria for State Senate because she unequivocally stands with the working people of Lower Manhattan. I've been with Vittoria on picket lines and at protests where the targets are large organizations with big political reach. But Vittoria doesn't waver from a fight, and has impressed me with her commitment to the urgent needs of her future constituents."

NYC Council Member Christopher Marte

Councilmember Chris Marte endorsing Vittoria



"...Fariello has the courage to stand up against a very powerful politician to do what’s right. That is what we need in elected officials.”

Sean Sweeney, DID Vice President

Logo of Downtown Independent Democrats endorsing Vittoria

"The Grand Street Democrats are proud to endorse Vittoria Fariello for State Senate District 27. Vittoria embodies the progressive values of our club as an activist, community member, and district leader and we are excited to have her as the next excellent and effective state senator for our district!"

Marion Riedel, President, GSD

Grand Street Dems logo

“VID is proud to support Vittoria Fariello for State Senate district 27. We have a proud history of supporting local candidates who do the boots on the ground work for their local communities and Vittoria fits that mold perfectly. As district leader she has fought for her community for years and we are excited for her to extend that work as our state senate representative.”


Cameron Krause, VID Co-President


"I'm endorsing Vittoria because we have a chance for our voices to be heard, a chance for the status quo to be challenged, and finally a chance for real change to happen. Vittoria is a proven community advocate and a fighter for the progress we need to happen."

Victoria Lee, District Leader

Victoria Lee Chinatown District Leader endorses Vittoria.

"Vittoria has shown herself to be the kind of person who sees a problem and immediately tries to fix it.  She does not shy from a fight. For decades, she has been willing to fight for our community against large monied interests, against over development, for affordable housing, to protect our open spaces and to protect the character of our various communities downtown.  She is very much the kind of person we need to represent Lower Manhattan."

Kathryn Freed Former City Council Member endorses Vittoria

Kathryn Freed, Former NYC Council Member District 1


"Vittoria has worked on so many local issues that are important to our community . . . It takes guts and courage and tenacity to make the kinds of changes she's made."

Jeanine Kiely, District Leader

Jeannine Kiely SOHO District Leader endorses Vittoria

"We're proud to endorse Vittoria Fariello 范勝利 for State Senate in District 27! Vittoria has pledged to fight for all of LIT's priorities as a Senator—plus, she's committed to finding creative ways to encourage more indie art in underutilized spaces."


"Vittoria's intelligence, compassion, and decades of downtown, community-focused leadership will serve us well in Albany!”

Caroline Laskow, District Leader

Caroline Laskow Downtown District Leader endorses Vittoria

When Vittoria Fariello saw the process by which the incumbent lost his party's vote but was nonetheless given his seat by party bosses, she led a successful fight to change the rules. Vittoria took a principled stand to promote government transparency that led to her arrest protesting the Chinatown Mega-Jail.


She leads the effort for 100% affordable housing at 5 World Trade Center. A downtown attorney, mother of four and current District Leader, New Downtown Dems is proud to endorse Vittoria Fariello, for NYS Senate SD27


"I’m supporting Vittoria Fariello for State Senate because she is the only candidate who has both the courage to stand up for what’s right for our communities and the tenacity to get it done. I’ve watched Vittoria take on and win big fights against entrenched, corrupt power – whether that be big developers or party bosses."

Paul Newell, District Leader

Paul Newell, District Leader

Paul Newell Lower East Side District Leader endorses Vittoria

Ben Yee, State Committee Member

JonathanGardenhireDL (2).jpeg

Jonathan Gardenhire, District Leader


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