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Vittoria knows that as painful as it is, we have to pull ourselves off of fossil fuels. That means no new buildings that require fossil fuels, no fracking, no more pipelines.  We have to just stop. As your state Senator, that’s the perspective she’ll bring to crafting and supporting energy and environmental legislation. 


Vittoria pledges to fully fund the Environmental Bond Act, supports the installation of economically sound offshore turbines, and supports a Green New Deal for New York, including NYCHA. We must prioritize environmental justice for communities that have born the brunt of pollution and the effects of extreme weather. 


We must also oppose new fossil fuel pipelines and support a permanent ban on fracking. Fracking releases methane and harmful toxins, posing a threat to our climate and the safety and health of individuals in our communities. Fracking has been banned in New York State, but the restriction is currently supervised under the Department of Environmental Conservation and could be easily reversed by a future governor, so a permanent ban is necessary.  

On resiliency projects, Vittoria pledges to give power to community voices from start to finish. A 2022 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study projects the Battery will have “high tide flooding”  at least 20 days a year by 2030, and at least 50 days a year by 2050.  We must act quickly, but we must not pit communities against eachother

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