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Vittoria will fight to pass the game-changing New York Health Act to bring universal healthcare to all New Yorkers, giving everyone the ability to thrive physically and mentally. She will insist on transparent state oversight of funding for mental health services, a critical component in helping our homeless and other vulnerable citizens. 


She will combat surprise medical billing, which struck her own family twice in the past year, by pushing to pass the End Medical Debt package of bills. Vittoria will work to pass the Coverage4All bill for New Yorkers whose immigration status currently excludes them from State health programs.  

Vittoria also believes we must address the underfunding of nursing homes along with stronger oversight on the state level to address the tragic realities revealed by the Covid pandemic. 



Vittoria stands passionately with those fighting to protect the right to abortion. Vittoria believes this fight is not about abortion alone, this is about the larger issue of personal health, and the freedom to control our lives and bodies

Fortunately, in New York we have a new law - the 2019 Reproductive Health Act - passed, thanks to the efforts of two strong women in the New York State Legislature, State Senator Liz Kreuger and Assembly Member Deborah Glick. They knew that even in New York, it was important to put the protections of Roe v. Wade into state law, recognizing abortion as a fundamental right for all women.  

But Vittoria knows that people who want to take these freedoms away won’t stop at overturning Roe. Laws can be overturned, so we need to seek a Constitutional Amendment that would grant people the right to safe and accessible abortions.

This is why it matters so much who represents us in the State government.  We need more women in the NY Senate. We need women who won’t be satisfied with empty assurances about issues critical to our freedom and health. Vittoria will be a leading voice for us in government because she recognizes the importance of standing up and fighting for what’s right.  Vittoria will not simply pay lip service to what is right, she will fight with all her might to make certain our freedoms are protected.  And that’s what we need right now more than ever.  

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